Scala 3 Migration Guide

Tour of the Migration Tools


The Scala Compilers

The migration has been carefully prepared beforehand in each of the two compilers so that the transition is easy and smooth.

The Scala 2.13 Compiler

The Scala 2.13 compiler supports -Xsource:3, an option that enables migration warnings and certain Scala 3 syntax and behavior.

The Scala 2 with -Xsource:3 page explains the flag in detail.

The Scala 3 Compiler

Migration Mode

Similarly the Scala 3 compiler comes with the -source:3.0-migration option. From this mode, it accepts some of the old Scala 2.13 syntax and issues warnings to explain the changes.

Even more than that, you can combine it with -rewrite to patch your code automatically.

Learn more about it in the Scala 3 Migration Mode page.

Syntax Rewriting

Once your code is compiled in Scala 3 you can convert it to the new and optional Scala 3 syntax by using the Syntax Rewriting options.

Build tools


The sbt-dotty plugin was needed in sbt 1.4 to get support for Scala 3. It is not useful anymore since sbt 1.5.

sbt supports Scala 3 out-of-the-box. All common tasks and settings are intended to work the same. Many sbt plugins should also work exactly the same.

To help with the migration, sbt 1.5 introduces new Scala 3 specific cross versions:

// Use a Scala 2.13 library in Scala 3
libraryDependency += ("" %% "foo" % "1.0.0").cross(CrossVersion.for3Use2_13)

// Use a Scala 3 library in Scala 2.13 
libraryDependency += ("" %% "bar" % "1.0.0").cross(CrossVersion.for2_13Use3)


Mill 0.9.x supports Scala 3.


The Scala Maven plugin supports Scala 3 since 4.5.1.

Code editors and IDEs


Metals is the Scala extension for VS Code. It also works with Vim, Emacs, Sublime Text, and other editors.

IntelliJ IDEA

The Scala plugin for IntelliJ supports Scala 3.

Formatting Tools


Scalafmt supports Scala 2.13 and Scala 3 since v3.0.0.

To enable Scala 3 formatting you must set the runner.dialect = scala3 in your .scalafmt.conf file.

If you want to enable it selectively you can set a fileOverride configuration:

fileOverride {
  "glob:**/scala-3*/**" {
    runner.dialect = scala3

Scalafmt can also enforce the new Scala 3 syntax with the Scala 3 rewrites.

Migration Tools


Scalafix is a refactoring tool for Scala.

The Incompatibility Table shows which incompatibility can be fixed by an existing Scalafix rule. So far the relevant rules are:

You can apply these rules in sbt using the sbt-scalafix plugin. They are also used internally in sbt-scala3-migrate described below.

The Scala 3 Migration Plugin for sbt

Scala 3 Migrate is an sbt plugin that can assist you during the migration to Scala 3.

It proposes an incremental approach, based on four sbt commands:

  • migrateDependencies helps you update the list of libraryDependencies
  • migrateScalacOptions helps you update the list of scalacOptions
  • migrateSyntax fixes a number of syntax incompatibilities between Scala 2.13 and Scala 3
  • migrateTypes tries to code compile your code to Scala 3 by infering types and resolving implicits where needed.

The detailed instructions on how to use Scala 3 Migrate can be found here.


Check the list of Scala 3 open-source libraries in Scaladex.

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