Scala 3 Migration Guide

New Compiler Options


The current page only contains the options that were added in Scala 3.0.x.

Standard settings

3.0.x description
-color Colored output Default: always.
-doc-snapshot Generate a documentation snapshot for the current Dotty version
-explain Explain errors in more detail.
-from-tasty Compile classes from tasty files. The arguments are .tasty or .jar files.
-indent Together with -rewrite, remove {…} syntax when possible due to significant indentation.
-new-syntax Require then and do in control expressions.
-no-indent Require classical {…} syntax, indentation is not significant.
-old-syntax Require (...) around conditions.
-pagewidth Set page width Default: 80.
-print-lines Show source code line numbers.
-print-tasty Prints the raw tasty.
-project The name of the project.
-project-logo The file that contains the project’s logo (in /images).
-project-url The source repository of your project.
-project-version The current version of your project.
-rewrite When used in conjunction with a ...-migration source version, rewrites sources to migrate to new version.
-siteroot A directory containing static files from which to generate documentation. Default: ./docs.
-sourceroot Specify workspace root directory. Default: ..

Verbose settings

3.2.x description
-Vprofile Show metrics about sources and internal representations to estimate compile-time complexity.
-Vprofile-sorted-by:<column-name> Show metrics about sources and internal representations sorted by given column name.
-Vprofile-details N Like -Vprofile, but also show metrics about sources and internal representations of the N most complex methods

Advanced settings

3.0.x description
-Xignore-scala2-macros Ignore errors when compiling code that calls Scala2 macros, these will fail at runtime.
-Ximport-suggestion-timeout Timeout (in ms) for searching for import suggestions when errors are reported.
-Xmax-inlined-trees Maximal number of inlined trees. Default: 2000000
-Xmax-inlines Maximal number of successive inlines. Default: 32.
-Xprint-diff Print changed parts of the tree since last print.
-Xprint-diff-del Print changed parts of the tree since last print including deleted parts.
-Xprint-inline Show where inlined code comes from.
-Xprint-suspension Show when code is suspended until macros are compiled.
-Xrepl-disable-display Do not display definitions in REPL.
-Xwiki-syntax Retains the Scala2 behavior of using Wiki Syntax in Scaladoc.

Private settings

3.0.x description
-Ycheck-all-patmat Check exhaustivity and redundancy of all pattern matching (used for testing the algorithm).
-Ycheck-mods Check that symbols and their defining trees have modifiers in sync.
-Ycheck-reentrant Check that compiled program does not contain vars that can be accessed from a global root.
-Ycook-comments Cook the comments (type check @usecase, etc.)
-Ydebug-error Print the stack trace when any error is caught.
-Ydebug-flags Print all flags of definitions.
-Ydebug-missing-refs Print a stacktrace when a required symbol is missing.
-Ydebug-names Show internal representation of names.
-Ydebug-pos Show full source positions including spans.
-Ydebug-trace Trace core operations.
-Ydebug-tree-with-id Print the stack trace when the tree with the given id is created. Default: -2147483648.
-Ydebug-type-error Print the stack trace when a TypeError is caught
-Ydetailed-stats Show detailed internal compiler stats (needs Stats.enabled to be set to true).
-YdisableFlatCpCaching Do not cache flat classpath representation of classpath elements from jars across compiler instances.
-Ydrop-comments Drop comments when scanning source files.
-Ydump-sbt-inc For every compiled foo.scala, output the API representation and dependencies used for sbt incremental compilation in, implies -Yforce-sbt-phases.
-Yerased-terms Allows the use of erased terms.
-Yexplain-lowlevel When explaining type errors, show types at a lower level.
-Yexplicit-nulls Make reference types non-nullable. Nullable types can be expressed with unions: e.g. String|Null.
-Yforce-sbt-phases Run the phases used by sbt for incremental compilation (ExtractDependencies and ExtractAPI) even if the compiler is ran outside of sbt, for debugging.
-Yfrom-tasty-ignore-list List of tasty files in jar files that will not be loaded when using -from-tasty
-Yindent-colons Allow colons at ends-of-lines to start indentation blocks.
-Yinstrument Add instrumentation code that counts allocations and closure creations.
-Yinstrument-defs Add instrumentation code that counts method calls; needs -Yinstrument to be set, too.
-Yno-decode-stacktraces how raw StackOverflow stacktraces, instead of decoding them into triggering operations.
-Yno-deep-subtypes Throw an exception on deep subtyping call stacks.
-Yno-double-bindings Assert no namedtype is bound twice (should be enabled only if program is error-free).
-Yno-kind-polymorphism Disable kind polymorphism.
-Yno-patmat-opt Disable all pattern matching optimizations.
-Yplain-printer Pretty-print using a plain printer.
-Yprint-debug When printing trees, print some extra information useful for debugging.
-Yprint-debug-owners When printing trees, print owners of definitions.
-Yprint-pos Show tree positions.
-Yprint-pos-syms Show symbol definitions positions.
-Yprint-syms When printing trees print info in symbols instead of corresponding info in trees.
-Yrequire-targetName Warn if an operator is defined without a @targetName annotation
-Yretain-trees Retain trees for top-level classes, accessible from ClassSymbol#tree
-Yscala2-unpickler Control where we may get Scala 2 symbols from. This is either “always”, “never”, or a classpath. Default: always.
-Yshow-print-errors Don’t suppress exceptions thrown during tree printing.
-Yshow-suppressed-errors Also show follow-on errors and warnings that are normally suppressed.
-Yshow-tree-ids Uniquely tag all tree nodes in debugging output.
-Yshow-var-bounds Print type variables with their bounds.
-Ytest-pickler Self-test for pickling functionality; should be used with -Ystop-after:pickler.
-Yunsound-match-types Use unsound match type reduction algorithm.

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