Scala 3 Migration Guide

Scala 2 with -Xsource:3


The Scala 2.13 compiler issues helpful migration warnings with the -Xsource:3 flag.

Before moving to the Scala 3 compiler, it’s recommended to enable this flag in Scala 2 and address the new warnings.

There is also a variant, -Xsource:3-cross; see below. Note: Enabling -Xsource:3-cross in Scala 2.13.13 breaks binary compatibility, follow scala/bug#12961 for details.

This page explains the details behind the flags. An overview is shown using scalac -Xsource:help.

Migration vs cross-building

With Scala 2.13.13 and newer, the -Xsource:3 flag comes in two variants:

  • Xsource:3 enables warnings relevant for migrating a codebase to Scala 3. In addition to new warnings, the flag enables certain benign Scala 3 syntaxes such as import p.*.
  • Xsource:3-cross is useful for projects that cross-build between Scala 2 and 3 for a longer period of time. For certain language constructs that trigger a warning with -Xsource:3, the behavior changes to match Scala 3.

Details about individual warnings are listed below on this page.

Fatal warnings and quick fixes

By default, Scala 3 migration warnings emitted by Scala 2.13 are fatal, i.e., they are reported as errors. This can be changed using -Wconf, for example -Wconf:cat=scala3-migration:w changes them to be reported as warnings. Alternatively, -Xmigration has the same effect.

The @nowarn annotation can be used to suppress individual warnings, which also works with fatal warnings enabled.

The Scala 2.13 compiler implements quick fixes for many Scala 3 migration warnings. Quick fixes are displayed in Metals-based IDEs (not yet in IntelliJ), and they can be applied directly to the source code using the -quickfix flag, for example -quickfix:cat=scala3-migration. See also scalac -quickfix:help.

Enabled Scala 3 syntax

The -Xsource:3 flag enables the following Scala 3 syntaxes in Scala 2:

  • import p.*
  • import p.m as n
  • import p.{given, *}
  • case C(xs*) as an alias for case C(xs @ _*)
  • A & B type intersection as an alias for A with B
  • Selecting a method x.f performs an eta-expansion (x.f _), even without an expected type

Scala 3 migration warnings in detail

Many Scala 3 migration warnings are easy to understand and identical under -Xsource:3 and -Xsource:3-cross, e.g., for implicit definitions without an explicit type:

scala> object O { implicit val s = "" }
       error: Implicit definition must have explicit type (inferred String) [quickfixable]

The next paragraphs explain where the behavior changes between -Xsource:3 and -Xsource:3-cross.

Changes affecting binary encoding

As of Scala 2.13.13, there are 3 changes under -Xsource:3-cross that affect binary encoding of classfiles. For all of these changes a fatal warning is issued under -Xsource:3.

  1. The constructor modifiers of case classes (case class C private[p] (x: Int)) are copied to the synthetic apply and copy methods.
  2. The synthetic companion objects of case classes no longer extend FunctionN.
  3. Overriding methods without an explicit return type inherit the return type from the parent (instead of using the inferred type of the method body).

For projects that are already cross-building between Scala 2 and Scala 3 with existing releases for both, enabling -Xsource:3-cross breaks binary compatibility. For example, if a library defines

trait A { def f: Object }
class B extends A { def f = "hi" }
  • enabling -Xsource:3-cross breaks binary compatibility on Scala 2.13: existing releases have A.f: String, the new version will have A.f: Object
  • adding an explicit result type A.f: String breaks binary compatibility on Scala 3: existing releases have A.f: Object

It is possible to work around this using version-dependent source files, see scala/scala-xml#675 as an example.

Working around the case companion FunctionN parent change is currently difficult (Scala 2.13.13), a solution is being discussed at scala/bug#12961.

Changes in language semantics

The following table shows cases where -Xsource:3-cross adopts language feature semantics from Scala 3.

Feature -Xsource:3 -Xsource:3-cross
(x: Any) + "" is deprecated deprecation warning does not compile, implicit any2stringadd is not inferred
Unicode escapes in triple-quoted strings and raw interpolations ("""\u0061""") fatal warning, escape is processed escape is not processed
Leading infix operators continue the previous line 1 fatal warning, second line is a separate expression operation continues the previous line
Desugaring of string interpolators using StringContext fatal warning if the interpolation references a StringContext in scope different from scala.StringContext desugaring always uses scala.StringContext
An implicit for type p.A is found in the package prefix p fatal warning the package prefix p is no longer part of the implicit search scope

Example 1:

  def f =
    + 2

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