Scala 3 Migration Guide

Compiler Options


The Scala 3 compiler has been rewritten from the ground up and consequently it does not offer the same options as the Scala 2.13 compiler. Some options are available under a different name, others have just not been implemented yet.

When porting a Scala 2.13 project to Scala 3, you will need to adapt the list of compiler options. To do so you can refer to the Lookup Table.

Passing an unavailable option to the Scala 3 compiler does not make it fail. It just prints a warning and ignores the option.

You can also discover the new Scala 3 compiler options, which have no equivalent in Scala 2.13, in the New Compiler Options page.

For Scaladoc settings reference and their compatibility with Scala2 Scaladoc, read Scaladoc settings compatibility between Scala2 and Scala3 page.

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