Scala 3 Migration Guide

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Lunatech’s Moving from Scala 2 to Scala 3

If you’re a Scala 2 application developer who’s looking at getting up-to-speed on Scala 3 or who’s considering a migration of an existing Scala 2 application to Scala 3, Lunatech’s “Moving from Scala 2 to Scala 3” course is a good way to get started.

This course guides you through a migration of a single-module Akka Typed Sudoku solver in a series of about 10 steps. It covers the practical application of the following Scala 3 features:

  • New Control Structure syntax
  • Indentation Based syntax
  • Syntax rewriting by the Scala 3 compiler
  • Top Level definitions
  • Parameter untupling
  • Contextual Abstractions:
    • Extension methods new syntax
    • Given instances and Using clauses
  • Enumerations and Export clauses
  • Intersection and Union Types
  • Opaque Type Aliases
  • Multiversal Equality


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