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Code Review Contributions


Code Review Contributions

In addition to bug fixing, you can help us review waiting pull requests. This is also a good (and recommended) way to get to know the feel of the bug-fixing and submissions process before jumping in with your own pull requests.

Review Guidelines

Code of Conduct reminder

  • Keep comments on-topic, concise and precise.
  • Attach comments to particular lines or regions they pertain to whenever possible.
  • Short code examples are often more descriptive than prose.
  • If you have thoroughly reviewed the PR and thought through all angles, LGTM (Looks Good To Me) is the preferred acceptance response.
  • Additional reviews should try to offer additional insights: “I also thought about it from this angle, and it still looks good..”
  • Above all, remember that the people you are reviewing might be reviewing your PRs one day too.
  • If you are receiving the review, consider that the advice is being given to make you, and Scala, better rather than as a negative critique. Assume the best, rather than the worst.

Pull Requests Awaiting Comment


Scala 3 bug fixes and changes in the language, core libs and included tools.


Scala 2 bug fixes and changes in the language, core libs and included tools.


The Scala language website.


Scala documentation site.

All Scala GitHub Projects

For other PRs, follow the scala project from here.

Also note that the Tools contributions page has more projects that will generate pull requests.

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