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Macros in Scala 3



The reflection API provides a more complex and comprehensive view on the structure of the code. It provides a view on the Typed Abstract Syntax Trees and their properties such as types, symbols, positions and comments.

How to use the API

Accessing this API needs an import that depends the current Quotes. We can use scala.quoted.quotes to import it.

def pow(x: Expr[Int])(using Quotes): Expr[Int] = {
  import quotes.reflect.* // Import Tree, Type, Symbol, Position, .....

This will import all the types and modules (with extension methods) of the API.

The full imported API can be found here: Reflection

For example to find what is a Term, we can see in the hierarchy that it is a subtype of Statement which is a subtype of Tree. If we look into TermMethods we will find all the extension methods that are defined for Term such as Term.tpe which returns a Type. As it is a subtype of Tree we can also look into the TreeMethods to find more methods such as Tree.pos. Each type is also a module with some static-ish methods, for example in the TypeReprModule we can find the method TypeRepr.of[T] which will create an instance of Type containing T.

Relation with expressions

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