Scala 3 Documentation

Contributing to the Docs



There are several ongoing efforts to produce high quality documentation for Scala 3. In particular there are the following documents:

  • Scala 3 book
  • Macros tutorial
  • Migration guide
  • Scala 3 language reference

We welcome contributions from the community to every aspect of the documentation.

How can I contribute?

In general, there are many ways you can help us:

  • Confused about something in any of the docs? Open an issue.
  • Found something not up-to-date? Open an issue or create a PR.
  • Typos and other small text enhancements? Create a PR.
  • Want to add something new or make larger changes? Great! Please open an issue and let us discuss this.

Typically, each of the different documentation projects contain links (and so does this document, in the table-of-contents pane - so far only visible in the desktop view) to edit and improve them. Additionally, below we provide you with the necessary information to get started.

Scala 3 Book

The Scala 3 Book is being written by Alvin Alexander and provides an overview over all the important features of Scala 3. It targets readers, which are new to Scala.

Macros Tutorial

The Macros Tutorial is being written by Nicolas Stucki and contains detailed information about macros in Scala 3 and best-practices.

Migration Guide

The Scala 3 Migration Guide contains a comprehensive overview over compatibility between Scala 2 and Scala 3, a tour presenting the migration tools, and detailed migration guides.

Scala 3 Contributing Guide

The Scala 3 Contributing Guide contains a comprehensive overview over contribution to and internals of the Scala 3 compiler and libraries

Scala 3 Language Reference

The Scala 3 reference contains a formal presentation and detailed technical information about the various features of the language.

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