Why Contribute to docs.scala-lang.org?

A note from Heather Miller

A Place to Build Documentation Together

docs.scala-lang.org was intended to make it easier for the Scala team and the community at large to easily collect, organize, and “make public” many different types of documentation while making it easy for users to find, interact, and help us improve that documentation.

This website is an open-source repository of official Scala documentation, hosted on github, that is always ready for contributions.

A Need for Better Documentation

The availability, depth, and quality of documentation is considered by many to be a huge issue.

As Scala continues to mature, it continues to attract more and more interested newcomers and potential adopters who are well accustomed to easy-to-find, abundant, quality documentation (found in other languages, like Java). For many, the learning curve becomes unnecessarily steep, and people sometimes get frustrated.

If we want Scala to be accessible to more programmers, clear, easy-to-find documentation is essential.

If you’re interested in contributing to the Scala project in general, I argue that one of the most meaningful ways that you can, is to help us improve this transfer of information- let’s make it easier and faster for people to get core concepts, and to answer their own questions so they can progress to Scala-proficient quickly. Each line that you contribute has the potential to affect the entire Scala community as a whole– current, and future.

How Can I Contribute?

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