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Online Learning

Quick Online Exercises

Scala Exercises is a series of lessons and exercises created by 47 Degrees. It’s a great way to get a brief introduction to Scala while testing your knowledge along the way.

Coursera courses from EPFL

There are a few interactive resources for trying out Scala, to get a look and feel of the language:

Note : There is a paid version available. The only difference between the free and the paid version is that you get a certificate of completion from Coursera on the paid version. You can learn more about coursera certificates in this help document.

Dr.Mark C Lewis’s Lectures from Trinity University

You can visit his Youtube channel for more videos.

Try Scala In Your Browser!

There are a handful of websites where you can interactively run Scala code in your browser! Have a look at ScalaFiddle and Scastie.


allaboutscala provides detailed tutorials for beginners.


Independent Courseware, online self-study or instructor-led Scala and Play courses for a fee.