Community-driven documentation for Scala.

Available Documentation

Scala Improvement Process Available

Read language improvement proposals, participate in discussions surrounding submitted proposals, or submit your own improvement proposal.

Guides and Overviews Some Available

Some guides, such as Martin Odersky’s Collections Overview are now available.

Tutorials Some Available

Some tutorials, such as the Scala for Java Programmers guide, are now available.

Glossary Available

With permission from Artima Inc., we reproduce the glossary from Programming in Scala here, for easy reference.

Cheatsheets Available

We've currently got one cheatsheet, thanks to Brendan O’Connor. Contributions in this area are welcome.

Scala Style Guide Available

Thanks to Daniel Spiewak and David Copeland for putting together such an excellent style guide, and thanks to Simon Ochsenreither for converting it to Markdown.

Language Specification Available

The official definition of Scala. For when you just have to know the truth.



Contributions Welcomed!

This site was designed for core committers and the community alike to build documentation. We’d love help of any kind – from detailed articles or overviews of Scala’s language features, to help converting documents to Markdown.


If you’d like to help, please see the Contribute section of the site, and feel free to contact Heather.