Guide to Scala 3 Compiler Contribution

Getting Started


First Steps

Required Tools


  • git is essential for managing the Scala 3 code, and contributing to GitHub, where the code is hosted.
  • A Java Virtual Machine (JDK 8 or higher), required for running the build tool.
  • sbt, the build tool required to build the Scala 3 compiler and libraries.

Nice To Have

An IDE, such as Metals will help you develop in Scala 3 with features such as goto-definition, and with the VS Code text editor you can even create interactive worksheets for an iterative workflow.

Clone the Code

The code of Scala 3 is hosted on GitHub at lampepfl/dotty.

Download the code with the following commands (shown using a bash compatible shell):

$ cd workspace # or, replace `workspace` with any other directory you prefer
$ git clone
$ cd dotty

Verify your installation

To verify that you can build the code, you can use scala3/scalac and scala3/scala to build and run a test case, as shown in the next snippet:

$ sbt
sbt:scala3> scala3/scalac tests/pos/HelloWorld.scala
sbt:scala3> scala3/scala HelloWorld
hello world

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